Inauguration Reception

On February 17th 2014, a special reception was held on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly established council “The Egyptian Council for Sustainable Development” ECSD. The idea started as a fruit reaped after the success achieved by the Canada Egypt Business Council in its contributions towards enhancing the bilateral trade relations and increasing Canadian investments in Egypt throughout the past years, and since goals were effectively achieved; this entitled the Council to be one of the most active business organizations, which led to being approached by several entities, organizations and embassies of some countries suggesting cooperation in similar formats where mutual business strategies may offer maximum returns to the sharing parties.

From here the initiative originated and the CEBC board of directors desired to start a new initiative whereby they help in building this great nation. “We believe the challenges of the current stage make it imperative for us to find creative solutions to help develop the economy and to get the wheel of production turning and it is indeed the time we draw our own roadmap to the future, a parallel economic roadmap to the markets of the future.” said Eng. Motaz Raslan, Chairman of the ECSD at the beginning of his welcome speech.

ECSD is formed as a non-for-profit NGO committed to foster the relations between Egypt and other countries, especially those who still do not have a representation in terms of business councils or chambers of commerce in Egypt. Both parties will work on enhancing the economic and business levels with an aim to introduce new markets and business opportunities to ensure successful win-win collaborations. Mainly this newborn Council aims at opening nontraditional markets before the Egyptian products through organizing promotional missions, holding meetings and events to revitalize investments hence support Egyptian exports and raise growth rates.

ECSD will work on helping its members discover and penetrate these promising markets and through the new council’s activities it will act as a catalyst for transformation in international trade and investment relations with Egypt. Over 300 distinguished guests were present at the event from ministers, ambassadors to CEBC guests and members of Egypt business community.

Ministers Nabil Fahmy, Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs, minister of investment Osama Saleh and Minister Ahmed El Borei, minister of Social Solidarity gave their welcome speeches praising this new initiative and calling the involved parties to cooperate together to achieve their goals with the help and support of the related governmental entities.

Eng. Motaz Raslan, then honored the board members of the Council and closed his speech by saying “as some say, it is not important to just create opportunities, what is important is how you make use of them….Ladies and gentlemen, the idea is now created, and challenges will compel us to make the utmost use of it”.

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